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Health aid worth Rs 3.5 million to Lalitpur metropolis by China

KATHMANDU. The Xinjiang Municipality of neighboring China’s Qinghai Province has provided corona prevention and control health products to the Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

The Sinning Municipality has sent 3.5 million rupees worth of health items through Tatopani. The Sinning Municipality has sent various health items to the Lalitpur Municipal Corporation.

The Singing Municipality of China has provided 100 medical protective cloths, 1000 pairs of medical goggles, 1000 sets of N95 masks, 26500 sets of disposable surgical masks, 10200 pairs of medical globes and 100 sets of thermometers. About 3.5 million Nepali rupees worth of health goods have come to Nepal through Tatopani.

It is said that the health goods sent by China were handed over to Lalitpur Metropolitan City by the Chinese trader ‘zhang jin xiang‘ through the representative of Nepal Overseas Trade Association. He has been involved in various construction works in Nepal for a long time.


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